Schlagerderby: Zwischen den Rennen (Juli 1976, 3. Sendung in der Sommerpause)
Gary Glitter: Baby, I love your way 0.04.54-0.08.31
Captain & Tennille: Mind your love (LP "Song of Joy") 0.09.30-0.12-33
Captain & Tennille: Shop around (0.13.06-0.16.31)
The Beatles: Long Tall Sally (1964) (Fanpage) 0.17.12-0.19.16
Chicago: If you leave me now 0.19.53-0.23.47
The Beatles: Kansas City (1965) 0.24.23-0.26.58
Pussycat: Help me living on 0.28.01-0.31.57
The Beatles: Lady Madonna (1968) 0.32.39-0.34.57
Alvin Bishop: Struttin' my stuff (LP "Struttin' my stuff") 0.35.56-0.39.51
Frank Zander: Ich trink' auf dein Wohl, Marie (LP "Wahnsinn") 0.40.57-0.45.02
The Beatles: Obla di obla da (1968) 0.45.43-0.48.55
0.48.58-0.49.08 Mitschitt-Unterbrechung
Procul Harum: A Salty Dog (LP "A Salty Dog") 0.49.41-0.54.20
The Beatles: Helter Skelter (1968) 0.55.02-0.59.25
Queen: Brighton Rock (LP "Shear Heardattack") 1.00.41-1.05.57
The Beatles: Dizzy Miss Lizzy (1965) 1.06.29-1.09.25
Pussycat: I'm just a woman 1.10.08-1.13.49
Gesamtlänge: 1.16.38

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